Alex Vasilevsky, Vice President, CTO and Founder

Vasilevsky brings over 20 years of extensive engineering, technology leadership and management experience to Virtual Iron Software. As a co-founder, Vasilevsky has been instrumental in defining and creating the technology and architecture behind Virtual Iron. Prior to Virtual Iron Software, he was Chief Technology Officer at Ucentric Systems (acquired by Motorola), a leading provider of home media software for media centers. An expert in parallel processing, grid run-times systems, and advanced optimizing compilers, Vasilevsky held senior engineering and management roles in leading technology companies, such as Avid Technology and Thinking Machines. At Avid Technology he worked on the award-winning MediaComposer and headed the innovative CamCutter technology. While at Thinking Machines, a pioneering maker of massively parallel supercomputers, Vasilevsky created the world's first distributed grid run-time system for the highly acclaimed parallel supercomputer The Connection Machine, designed a floating point accelerator, and created a super-optimizing compiler for which he was awarded three US patents. Vasilevsky holds five US patents for his innovative work in parallel processing, he is listed in The History of the Development of Parallel Computing, and is the winner of three IEEE Gordon Bell Awards for practical applications of parallel processing research. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University and a Master's degree in Computer Science from Boston University.


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