Mike Grandinetti, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Grandinetti has spent 15 years as a senior executive at five venture- backed technology companies. He helped lead the first four to successful exits for their investors. He co-led Raptor through a successful IPO and its designation as the Fastest Growing Software Company in the US, contributed to Viewlogic’s IPO, and was part of the senior executive team that recently merged Yantra with AT&T. He is now a key member of the executive team at Virtual Iron. He has been instrumental in not only launching and rapidly growing several emerging technology companies but also in identifying and establishing new market and product categories, successfully launching multiple new product lines and in creating important strategic partnerships. In addition to his role at Virtual Iron, Grandinetti holds a faculty appointment as Senior Lecturer in the Practice of Entrepreneurship at the MIT Sloan School of Management and is a long serving judge in the MIT $100K Global Entrepreneurship Competition. He sits on the Advisory Board of Flagship Ventures (Cambridge, MA), Echelon Ventures (Boston, MA) and SEED Capital (Denmark). Early in his career, he served as a strategy consultant at McKinsey and Company. Grandinetti received his BS in Engineering, magna cum laude, from Rutgers, where he was named to the National Engineering Honor Society, and his MBA from Yale, where he was named the Jess Morrow Johns Memorial Scholar and was the recipient of the Procter and Gamble Marketing Leadership Award as well as a Yale Teaching Fellowship.

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