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Virtualization Blog - Optimizing Your Virtual Servers with LiveCapacity
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February 6, 2007
  Optimizing Your Virtual Servers with LiveCapacity

Our LiveMigration lets you move a virtual server with no downtime and it can move the virtual server automatically.

LiveMigration is also the basis for some other features in Virtual Iron, such as LiveCapacity - which automatically moves running virtual servers to a new physical server in a virtual datacenter if any of these servers exceed a set CPU threshold for a fixed period of time.

This optimizes your virtual server utilization across a shared pool of resources. LiveCapacity continuously samples performance data from every server and every virtual server.

The movement of virtual servers is all policy-driven...when a threshold is reached, LiveMigrate is used to relocate running operating systems and applications from one physical server another without any downtime.

Virtual Iron's Virtualization Manager allows you to set a specific LiveCapacity threshold for each virtual data center and to choose a set of nodes that participate in a given policy.

This screenshot shows Virtual Iron's LiveCapacity Threshold Configuration.

LiveCapacity Screenshot

    Posted By: Alex V @ 02/06/2007 05:09 PM     Virtualization  

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