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Company Overview

Founded in 2003, Virtual Iron provides enterprise-class software solutions for creating and managing virtual infrastructure. Organizations use Virtual Iron for consolidation, rapid provisioning, business continuity, workload management and policy-based automation. The solutions dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of managing and operating the enterprise data center.  

The company leverages industry standards, open source, and processors with built-in hardware assisted virtualization to deliver open and economically attractive virtualization alternatives to existing, proprietary solutions.

Companies have made significant investments in the data center, but the infrastructure remains complex, inefficient and extremely difficult and expensive to manage. Existing server virtualization solutions deliver capabilities that address some of these challenges, but the software alternatives are few, proprietary, expensive and slow to respond to industry innovation.

By contrast, Virtual Iron's product and technology  leverages common, open standards to increase customer choice, reduce their cost and minimize their risk of proprietary lock up. 

Virtual Iron is led by an experienced management team and backed by top-tier investors. The company is well recognized by the industry and partners with most of the major processor, hardware and operating system vendors, including AMD, HP, IBM, Intel, Novell and Sun.