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Virtual Iron Channel One Partners - EMEA

Channel One

Virtual Iron works with the following authorized Channel One Reseller Partners in EMEA. Together, we provide comprehensive solutions for your data center infrastructure and virtualization needs. If you cannot find a reseller partner in your specific region, please contact us at sales@virtualiron.com



SYSDBA specializes in unlocking the value of IT infrastructure for clients through innovative solutions and services.

Areas of Focus:  Infrastructure Consulting; IT Optimization; Solutions Architecture; Specialists in Virtualization and Grid Computing Solutions for the Enterprise.

Coverage Areas: South Africa; Southern Africa

Marc Pratt
+27 84 238 6066


 ABC Systems AG

Founded in 1981, ABC Systems is an independent system house that designs, implements and supports optimized IT infrastructures for HA.

Areas of Focus: a.) Education & Test Centre for Experts – e.g. ITIL, Linux, MS, Oracle, SAN; b.)Consulting & Service Centre – Analysis, Design, Evaluation, Implementation, Operating, Support, Maintenance; c.) Competence Centres - Clustering, Server & Storage Virtualization including Zero-Failover/-Back-Up.

Coverage Areas: Switzerland & Europe

Alexander Ruebensaal
+41 (0) 43 433 6 433
SAN@ABCsystems.ch www.ABCsystems.ch


Akibia Delivers IT Solutions that optimize, secure, manage and support mission-critical infrastructure.

Areas of Focus: Advanced Virtualization Services; Mission-Critical, Multi-Vendor System Maintenance Services; Data Center Optimization Services; Open Source Services; Networking and Security Solutions


Coverage Areas: US and EMEA

European Headquarters
Veenendaal, The Netherlands 
Plesmanstraat 60 3905
KZ Veenendaal
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 318 581950
+31 (0) 318 581951


Founded in 1974, Computron is an independent System House specialized in Application Service, Outsourcing and Hosted Solutions using virtualization technology. Computron focuses on small and medium size businesses.

Areas of Focus: Advanced Networking Infrastructure, Virtualization and Consolidation, Outsourced Hosted Services

Coverage Areas: The Netherlands

Computron System Management BV
De Horst 4, 6581 TE MALDEN
PO Box 56, 6580 AB MALDEN
+31 (0)24 358 1919
Technical: Vincent Mejan
Sales: Koen Nicolasen


Ictivity is an independent networking consultancy and management firm with expertise in network infrastructure technologies and integration and storage solutions.

Coverage Areas: Benelux (Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg)



Mind the Gap Management Technologies

Since 2003, MindTheGap has focused on providing added-value solutions for virtualization to both large organisations (corporations and public administration) and small businesses. Competencies cover the whole virtualization chain (backoffice, storage, front office, disaster recovery). MindtheGap also offers SMBs an out of the box solution package which includes hardware, software, migration and training with an exciting value-for-money.

Areas of Focus: Products (software and hardware) and Solutions;  Consultancy (assessment, implementation, evolution); Services (outsourcing, managed systems, training).

Coverage Area: Italy

MindTheGap Management Technologies
Milano - Bologna 
02 89012968
051 272324 http://www.mindthegap.eu govirtual@mindthegap.eu


 MightyCare Solutions

Mightycare Solutions is an IT consulting company with a strong focus on consolidation of IT infrastructure and virtualization of server systems and desktop environments.

Areas of Focus: Concept, Design and Implementation of Virtual Infrastructure; Evolving the Automation of IT Processes within Virtual and Physical Environments; Consolidation Technologies and Process Automation in and for Data Centres.

Philipp-Reis-Str. 15
61130 Nidderau
Telefon: 06187 - 900156

OPTEAMS - Netfective Groupe

Netfective Technology is an IT Consulting & Services company focusing on X86 infrastructure rationalization (OpTeams) and software development (BluAge).

Areas of Focus: x86 Production Server Consolidation, Business Continuity, Test & Development Automation

Coverage Areas: France

Netfective Technology / OpTeams
79, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 92150
Suresnes FRANCE
Tel +33 1 56 05 88 00
Fax +33 1 56 05 88 01
Mail : opteams@netfective.com
Web : www.opteams.com


NewDatum provide consultancy services in all areas of virtualization, with focus on advanced performance, management, high availability and automation features crucial to complex enterprise environments.

Areas of Focus: High Performance Virtualized Environments; High Availability & Disaster Recovery; Enterprise-Class Linux and Oracle E-Business Suite

Coverage Areas: UK and Europe

Dermot Reynolds
Unit 2 10 South Way
Claverings Industrial Estate
London UK N9 0AB
+44 207 183 0880 


pro-com is an innovative, experienced (since 1989) German IT solution center and a leading IBM distributor  for the public market (esp. higher ed. and research). The company also provides solutions for the commercial market. Quality certified (ISO 9001, since 1996). Member of the Leader for Linux group.

Areas of Focus: Virtualisation and Consolidation Solutions for Server and Storage (incl. consulting and services); HPC and HA Solutions, Clustering Incl. Sizing;  Distributed Storage Solutions.

Daimlerstraße 10
73054 Eislingen
Tel. 07161/ 93200-66
Fax. 07161/ 93200-99
E-Mail: info@pro-com.org 

Prosper Intelligence

Prosper Intelligence is an exclusive Software Agent and a Value- Added Distributor specializing in virtualization and consolidation of business-critical applications, servers and data storage pools.

Areas of Focus: Virtualization and High Availability Solutions; Shared Data Clustering and Backup Solutions; Linux and Windows Environments; Professional Services and Support.

Coverage Areas: Austria, Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia Ukraine and Turkey.

Mr. Catalin Brenda
+43 1 99460 6460

Response Data Communications

Response Data Communications provide high-performance, highly secure and cost-efficient networking solutions for enterprise environments throughout the United Kingdom.

Areas of Focus: Strategic Development, Production, Implementation and Management.    Specialization in Networking Technologies and Products; Voice, Data and Video Networking to Support Security & Real-Time Data Demands.

Coverage Area:  United Kingdom


 RMI France

Coverage Area: France


Tietokartano Ltd. delivers enterprise virtualization and next generation SAN solutions and consultancy in Finland providing security, manageability, flexibility, automation and performance for mission-critical virtualized environments.

Areas of Focus: Server Consolidation; High-Performance Mission-Critical Virtualized Environments; High-Availability and Disaster Recovery; iSCSI SANs; Multi-Vendor Environments; Clustering; Linux, Unix and Windows Servers; Open-Source Software and Solutions; Professional Services, Support, Planning and Consulting; Security Solutions

Coverage Area: Finland

Tietokartano Oy Ltd.
Varkaus-Joroinen Airport Business Center
Lentokentäntie 130
79600 Joroinen
Finland - EU
+358 (0)17 58 50 500
Please contact:
Mr. Pasi Kärkkäinen, CTO
+358 (0)17 58 50 512
Mr. Pekka Niskasaari, CEO
+358 (0)17 58 50 501


v central virtualisation solutions

Vcentral specialise in providing innovative business solutions through virtualisation technologies, matching the right solutions to your business needs.

Areas of Focus: Infrastructure Optimisation and Consolidation; Business Continuity including Data Protection, High Availability and Disaster Recovery; Desktop Consolidation and Security; Reducing IT Cost of Ownership; Enabling and Improving IT Agility

Coverage Areas: United Kingdom and Ireland

+44 (0) 800 288 8681


Virtualize IT

VirtualizeIT is focused on delivering experience and qualified consultative knowledge dedicated to providing organisations with the strategies required to realise the unrivalled benefits of virtualisation and high availability methodologies.

Areas of Focus: Server Virtualisation; Application Virtualisation; Storage; Virtualisation SANs both FC and IP Based; High Availability; Disaster Recovery.


Coverage Areas: EMEA

Lindsay Garrod
0870 1205506


YAZ Bilgi


Coverage Area: Turkey


Ztech specializes in data storage and server consolidation. The company delivers complete solutions (hardware, software and services) and operates as a specialist in these environments

Ztech customers are both major enterprises ( Veolia, Sungard, ABN Amro, Caisse d’Epargne, …) and small and medium enterprises (Raffinerie de Dunkerque, Orsid, …)

Coverage Area: France


Coverage Area: Turkey


Calanit Carmon Israel

Calanit Carmon is a leading provider of information technology & outsourced services in Israel. The company combines operational expertise, proprietary methodologies, and commitment to quality.

Areas of Focus: Help-Desk & Technical Support Solutions; Infrastructure Systems; Portfolio Management & IT Governance; Software development.

Coverage Area: Israel



Channel One Resellers in Other Regions: