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Virtual Infrastructure

Virtual Iron virtualizes all data center resources to create Virtual Infrastructure. The components described in the chart below provide the foundation to create virtual servers. A virtual server consists of 32 or 64-bit CPUs, memory, disks, network adapters, fibre channel adapters, keyboard, video, and mouse. A virtual server can run standard Linux and Windows operating systems and applications.

Physical Resource

Virtual Infrastructure

Industry standard Intel and AMD servers upon which the virtualization layer is automatically deployed

A Virtualized Node consists of a collection of CPUs and RAM that can be allocated to a virtual server

Each server can have multiple gigabit Ethernet cards (NICs) to provide required throughput and availability

Virtual servers connect through virtual NICs to physical or virtual networks

iSCSI, SAN and NAS storage technologies are used for reliable persistent storage

A collection of storage resources can be partitioned and allocated to virtual servers using raw mappings or virtual hard disks

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