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The Virtual Iron Difference
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of Virtual Iron 3.5
- Compare to VMware
- Enterprise-Class
- Support All Use Cases
- LiveMigrate and more

Virtual Iron’s enterprise-class virtualization solutions provide centralized, policy-based virtualization management for a shared pool of dynamic server, storage and network resources. The software delivers a unique set of advanced virtualization capabilities that set Virtual Iron apart from other offerings in the market:

  • Native Virtualization – Virtual Iron’s approach to virtualization is efficient, easy to manage and based on open source virtualization. The software dramatically streamlines virtual infrastructure management and reduces operational costs by:
    • leveraging hardware assisted virtualization capabilities from Intel and AMD for optimal virtualization efficiency
    • allowing 32- and 64-bit x86 operating systems to run unmodified and concurrently on a partitioned server
    • requiring no installation or management of the virtualization layer
    • virtualizing all data center resources including servers, networks, and storage
  • Policy-Driven Management - Virtual Iron’s unique, policy-driven Virtualization Screenshotautomation simplifies the management of computing resources and enables rapid provisioning and deployment without increased administrative overhead. Features like LiveMigrate™, LiveCapacity™, LiveMaintenance™, and LiveRecovery™ enable automated and dynamic resource management.
  • Price/Performance Leadership – Open source economics and efficient use of physical resources provide dramatic cost reductions. Hardware-assisted virtualization minimizes overhead to provide virtualization benefits to the broadest range of applications.

These capabilities allow users to optimize physical and people resources by transforming the data center into an efficient pool of shared computing resources that are dynamically configured and managed via software; the ability to run any application, anywhere, any time.

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