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Business Continuity

The need for a business continuity strategy has been made abundantly clear from man-made accidents such as power failures to natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

Given these inherent risks, enterprises are making large investments in infrastructure to ensure that applications are always available for their business users and customers. Today‚Äôs organizations require fail-proof solutions for high availability  when localized software or equipment fails and disaster recovery when a data center is faced with catastrophic events.

The table below estimates the annual loss expectancy from an application outage for different types of businesses. The basic formula is to multiply the cost of downtime by the length and frequency of the event. The proposed response for each contingency should either reduce the length or frequency of an event.

Downtime Costs Statistics

App Segment

Avg. Cost of
Downtime (per hr.)

Shipping $28,000
Teleticket Sales $69,000
Airline Reservations $89,000
Home Shopping $113,000
Pay-per-View $150,000
Credit Card Sales $2.65 million
Financial Markets $6.45 million

Source - Forrester Research


Your Challenge: Existing approaches like high-availability clustering and failover software are meeting the need for business continuity, but major challenges remain:

  • Significant cost of idle hardware and software.
  • Extremely expensive specialized disaster recovery software and services.
  • Complex management environments.
  • Running out of weekends to perform system maintenance.
  • Inefficient use of idle resources that are primarily in place for redundancy.

Our Solution: Virtual Iron enables you to deliver business continuity in a more efficient, cost-effective manner. With Virtual Iron, users can:

  • Increase business-critical application uptime.
  • Build a variety of flexible and inexpensive high availability and disaster recovery solutions with less hardware.
  • Increase data center hardware utilization.
  • Reduce scheduled downtime.
  • Streamline and automate recovery processes.
  • Use reliable and repeatable processes for implementing high availability and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Gain more than 10X productivity improvements.

Virtual Iron for High Availability

Virtual Iron for Disaster Recovery