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Virtual Infrastructure Management

The Challenge: Organizations must align computing resources with their business initiatives to deliver the response and agility required to succeed. This  requires a dynamic infrastructure that allows technology to dynamically adapt by matching IT supply with business application demand. Specific issues and challenges include:

  • Computing resources “trapped” in over-provisioned application silos.
  • Poor service levels because of workloads that can not tap additional capacity when needed.
  • Major revenue losses as a result of application outages due to capacity constraints or system failures.
  • High administration costs of reconfiguring capacity due to complex data center environments.

Our Solution: Virtual Iron offers a virtual infrastructure management platform developed specifically to combat the inefficiencies and inflexibilities of today’s data centers. The software optimally matches available capacity of data center resources to workload demands. Leveraging this solution, companies are able to:

  • Combine the resources of many servers into a single, seamless, sharable, infrastructure-wide pool.
  • Make data center resources rapidly available to any application without incurring provisioning costs and without disruption. LiveRecovery and LiveMaintenance
  • Deliver on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) more consistently and cost effectively.
  • Use LiveMigrate™ to move workloads and LiveCapacity™ to add resources “on the fly” without any downtime.
  • Share resources across applications, using computing resources where they are needed most and avoid the risk of running out of capacity.
  • Build virtual servers of virtually any size — to scale up or down on an incremental basis as required - utilizing anywhere from a fraction of a processor to 32 processors. Optimize equipment for efficiency and avoid overbuying capacity (CPU, memory, I/O) for peak workloads.
  • Provision any server in seconds, without downtime. With a few clicks of a mouse increase any virtual server’s processors, memory, I/O, storage — or simply move an application from one virtual server to another.
  • Automate provisioning and reconfiguration by setting policies to automatically manage performance and availability based on certain times, workloads or events.