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Capacity Management

Your Challenge: Today’s enterprises are turning to virtualization infrastructure to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency in the data center. This virtual infrastructure provides a layer of abstraction between the computing, storage and networking hardware and the application layer, but not without management challenges. Some of these include:

  • Inefficiencies in managing and orchestrating a large number of virtual servers.
  • Lack of management tools for matching capacity with business demands.
  • Lack of tools for automating the management of service levels.
  • Operational overhead required to administer and reconfigure virtual infrastructure.

Our Solution: Virtual Iron provides a comprehensive management environment and policy-engine to automate the management of shared processing, storage and networking resources. Resources can be allocated and de-allocated on the fly to applications when needed based on business rules. Unique policy-driven automation capabilities enable rapid reconfiguration, capacity on demand, failover and recovery without increased administrative overhead. Virtual Iron’s management capabilities enable users to:

  • Use policies to automatically apply resources when and where needed, so that performance is maintained regardless of usage spikes.
  • Respond more quickly to changes in capacity demand with automated reconfiguration.
  • Create policies for real-time resource allocation and failover using a graphical policy-builder wizard.
  • Automatically maintain application availability and service levels using policies.
  • Reduce human labor, errors and operational costs by automating operations.
  • Trigger reconfigurations based on rules that detect exceeded user-set performance thresholds, e.g. add more CPU capacity to a virtual server when CPU utilization is greater than 90 percent.
  • Migrate servers and adjust resource allocations “on-the-fly” without impacting running applications.