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Virtualization Overview

Virtual Iron provides enterprise-class software for server virtualization and virtual infrastructure management at one-fifth the cost of comparable alternatives. Virtual Iron has all of the features your would expect to find in a virtualization solution: server consolidation, virtualization management, rapid provisioning, business continuity, capacity management and development and testing capabilities.

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Virtualization Features

Server Consolidation: Improve utilization of your current servers and get more out of today's industry-standard hardware via partitioning and consolidation. With Virtual Iron, you can run multiple unmodified operating systems on a single server.

Virtualization Management: Leverage capacity management and policy-driven automation capabilities to enable rapid reconfiguration, capacity on demand, fail-over, recovery and more without any increase in administrative overhead.

Rapid Provisioning: Quickly and economically set up multiple environments (testing, staging, development, production, etc.) by capturing, copying and cloning golden images.

Business Continuity: Increase critical application uptime and build flexible, inexpensive high availability and disaster recovery solutions.

Capacity Management: Align your computing resources and business initiatives with easy configuration, reconfiguration and allocation capacity on-the-fly -- making resources available to all applications on a system.

Development and Test: Streamline your development, testing and production cycles using testing and staging configurations that are very easy to change, can be run at the same time and do not require a physical machine for each testing configuration. 

Virtualization Screenshot Virtualization Screenshot
Virtual Iron's Virtualization Manager - Click to Enlarge


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